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Cornerstone Learning has been operating in Ireland since 2016, and our mission is to deliver diverse training and development opportunities across multiple sectors nationwide.

We specialise in business soft skills training to help professionals in their continued growth and development, as well as mindset and empowerment coaching for career professionals and anyone who wants to move forward in their own personal lives if they are feeling stuck in a rut.

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Terri’s Qualifications Include:

  • Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics Education from South Dakota State University (1993)
  • QQI Level 6 Special Purpose Award in Training and Development (2017)
  • Diploma in Life and Business Coaching from the Association for Coaching (2021)
  • Insights Discovery Accredited Facilitator (2022)
  • RocheMartin Emotional Capital Report (ECR) – Accredited Facilitator (2023)

In her free time Terri likes reading, spending time with family and friends, exercising, baking and travelling.

Terri’s Qualifications Include:

I have been involved in Training and Development since 1997.  Through my career I have worked in multiple industries such as IT, Music Education, Radio Production, Corporate Training and Business Coaching.

I believe in the power of a learner-centric approach to training. Whether you're an entry-level graduate, a first time manager, or a senior leader, our programmes are tailored to your specific needs.  I have delivered more than 50 unique training topics to over 2500 participants in a variety of settings such as webinars, in-person group settings, large presentations, company gatherings and more.

Adding a coaching diploma to my toolkit has given me the opportunity to expand my services to one-on-one business and life coaching, which has included using multiple formal assessments such as the RocheMartin Emotional Capital Report (ECR) and Insights Discovery Psychometric Testing.  Coaching serves a strong purpose in professional development, and one-to-one coaching sessions can be offered alongside training courses or independently, depending on your needs.

In whatever work I have done, my passion over the past three decades has consistently involved empowering people to unlock their full potential. Wherever you find yourself in your career journey, I would love to work with you in the pursuit of growth and development for you and your teams.

Eric’s Qualifications Include:

  • Diploma in Life Business Coaching, Association for Coaching (2021)
  • Expert Trainer, Medical Process Validation & Design Controls, AAMI/Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (2021)
  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, USA (1993)

In his free time Eric likes doing anything related to history or baseball, spending time with family, gardening and doing other projects in the yard, and spending far too much time exploring historical sites and museums!

About Eric

While not currently my main job focus, I have been involved in Training and Development, as part of my professional work as an engineer, since 1999. At this stage of my career, I am a “lifer” in the Medical Device industry, having worked in that field since 1993. I have worked the majority of this fruitful time in various roles, functions, and sites with Boston Scientific.

More recently, I have been honoured to become part of the staff at AAMI as an Expert Trainer, delivering group technical training.

Largely due to my 30+ year career seeing lives changed every day through the products that we make in medical devices, I believe that one should look to make a difference in any significant work in their life - if not, why bother doing it? I have delivered technical training throughout much of my career, and I love seeing the “lightbulbs go on” as people begin to understand the course content and make it their own. However, that pales in comparison to trainees taking what they’ve learned and using it in their daily lives - that is a job well done, in my eyes!

As most of the engineering roles I’ve held have included supervision to some degree, I have quite a bit of experience in personal development, coaching, and mentoring. However, once I achieved my coaching diploma in 2021, I decided to be more intentional in this area and made myself available for coaching/mentoring to the wider community and have enjoyed coaching relationships with a number of fine individuals since then.

Teaching and training, for individuals or groups, only goes so far in making a difference in the lives of your employees or for yourself. What is needed is a holistic approach, where information is given and received but where people are also grown in their ability to do the work that’s being asked of them, so that they reach their true potential, and in turn make a difference for other people. I welcome the opportunity to help make that happen for you!

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Our Company Story

Cornerstone Learning has been operating in Ireland since 2016, and our mission is to deliver diverse training and development opportunities across multiple sectors nationwide.

Our story has changed over the past 20+ years, but our passion and commitment to bringing value to the people that we work with has stayed the same.

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RocheMartin Emotional Capital Report (ECR)

Terri became a  RocheMartin Emotional Capital Report (ECR) – accredited facilitator, working with clients in increasing their Emotional Intelligence for professional and personal benefit


QQI Train the Trainer facilitator

Terri became a QQI Train the Trainer facilitator, partnering with a training company here in Ireland to deliver these six-week accredited courses.


100 training and coaching courses

Terri delivered close to 100 training and coaching courses, with 27 brand new topics delivered to clients in 10 different industries


Accreditation for Insights Discovery

Terri received her accreditation for Insights Discovery – a personality profiling system that helps people unlock understanding of self and others in the workplace.


Diplomas in business and life coaching

Eric and Terri studied online and received their diplomas in business and life coaching from the Association for Coaching with Noel and Elizabeth Brosnan, Coach Academy Plus, in Cork.


The American Association of Measurement and Instrumentation

Eric started as a technical trainer for The American Association of Measurement and Instrumentation, and delivers 3-4 training courses for a global audience each year.



March 12, Covid hit Ireland, and as we were all told to work from home, both Terri and Eric pivoted all of their business and training work from in-person to online.  Zoom and Teams became their new best friends!


Cornerstone Learning

Cornerstone Learning was founded in Cork as a Training and Development company.  The first course that was delivered was a Presentation Skills course for a pharmaceutical company in Cork – still one of Terri’s favourite courses!


Terri spent time raising her children

Terri spent time raising her children, volunteering, and contributing at 93.1 LifeFM, a community radio station in Cork City.  Terri was a producer, presenter and trainer at LifeFM and taught people from marginalised groups how to create radio programmes to advocate for the needs of people in those target groups.