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We create customised training and coaching offerings to both companies and individuals which inspire, support and empower people to move forward and grow in their professional and personal journey.


Our Corporate Training Courses:

Fostering a Culture of Learner-Focused Excellence
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Engaging Format

Our courses are centred on consistent learner interaction throughout the session

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Positive Atmosphere

We aim to create a place of psychological safety to ensure all learners can contribute

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Creating Curiosity

Our desire is to encourage thought, discussion, and to get to the "why" behind the questions being asked

About Cornerstone Learning

We specialise in business soft skills training and coaching to help professionals in their continued growth and development

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What our students say about us

Pablo Sandoval Campos

Eric's experience and the way of understanding and putting himself in my shoes was a great point to guide and advise me. I feel like I ended up making the best decisions and Eric just showed me the scenarios and paths so I could make my own decisions. He gave me the tools to do my best.

Pablo Sandoval Campos
Business Coaching
Stephen Chandler

I was surprised at how easily the coaching sessions with Eric flowed. They were always fertile ground for self-discovery almost. The penny dropped on so many different things.

That being said, the results of my coaching sessions were very reassuring. I learned that the answer isn't always going to be that "I need to re-invent myself". I was just able to step back and appreciate the good and the not so good in what I like doing.

I realised after doing the coaching sessions, that that is exactly the kind of people manager I want to be....I want to be a coach myself and empower people.

Stephen Chandler
Business Coaching
Megan Kruschke

Terri is a truly inspiring individual. Seeing her growth in business and herself is so admiring to me.

Working alongside and for her has helped me grow in my own talents and mental well-being. Taking part in her Insights courses has helped me learn so much about myself, more than I could do alone.

Megan Kruschke
Insights Discovery Personality Types
Mike Oni

The (training) course has had a lasting effect on my mood and well-being. It provided a much-needed outlet for self-expression and creativity, which has been incredibly fulfilling. The sense of fulfilment and accomplishment that I gained from taking the course has boosted my confidence and overall positive outlook on life.

Mike Oni
Media Expression