Pablo Sandoval Campos
Why did you want to take part in coaching sessions?

I have always been a very passionate person in what I do. I trained taekwondo for a long time and I had the best coach who guided me and taught me everything I know about martial arts.

I have always had a great passion for my profession and it is one of the pillars in my life. I was thinking about how to grow and develop in the company and I understood that I needed a coach to guide me. I looked for a person within Boston Scientific who knew about engineering, had a leadership position, and liked to develop people. That is how I chose Eric.

Any surprises that you had while in the coaching sessions?

During the sessions I had two pleasant surprises.

The first surprise was feeling that Eric took my development personally and gave it the importance that I wanted. I felt guidance and support and gained the confidence to speak my goals and dreams without any fear of being judged.

The second surprise is related to my goals. I started with a single path and a single goal and Eric helped me expand a world of possibilities that made me feel more and more motivated. I understood that there is more than one way to get to the same point and it's just a matter of working on it.

1-2 outcomes that you gained from being in the coaching space?

My goal for 2023 was to find a job abroad. I am a young engineer in my career and I decided to seek greater experience in a culture different from my own. Thanks to the coaching process, I was able to work abroad throughout 2023 and then get a position somewhere else for 2024.

Any unique selling points that you think Eric offers as a coach?

Eric's experience and the way of understanding and putting himself in my shoes was a great point to guide and advise me. I feel like I ended up making the best decisions and Eric just showed me the scenarios and paths so I could make my own decisions. He gave me the tools to do my best.

Any recommendations you would have for those who are considering investing in coaching?

Anyone who is looking for growth, personal and professional improvement, I would recommend taking coaching sessions. It's money well spent. The way to look at it is to have someone with years of experience helping me and advising me so that I make better decisions. Learning from someone who has already been in similar situations and who has known how to handle them and has prepared to face them was the best decision of my 2023.

Pablo Sandoval Campos
Business Coaching
Stephen Chandler

Why I wanted to take part in the sessions:

I wanted to take part in the sessions because I was at a stage of my professional development/career where I needed to re-assess my career direction. Coaching offered a structured way of reviewing what it is I wanted to focus on. Almost like an adult version of guidance counselling but in a self-guided way.

Any misconception or stereotypes I had about coaching:

I was under the impression that coaching was much more directive. I thought someone was going to tell me what to do. That someone was going to magically give me the answers.

Any surprises I had while in the coaching sessions:

I was surprised at how easily the session flowed. They were always fertile ground for self-discovery almost. The penny dropped on so many different things.

That being said, the results of my coaching sessions were very reassuring. I learned that the answer isn't always going to be that "I need to re-invent myself". I was just able to step back and appreciate the good and the not so good in what I like doing.

1 - 2 outcomes that I gained from being in the coaching space:

The first thing is I realised that I wasn’t a million miles from where I wanted to be.

I realised after doing the coaching sessions, that that is exactly the kind of people manager I want to be. I want to be a coach myself and empower people.

Any unique selling points that I think Eric offers as a coach:

-- Eric is not quick to judge or rush to conclusions

-- He has an innate ability to connect with people on a human level

-- He wants the best for you

-- He has real life experience that lends itself well to coaching

-- He's a positive person with a healthy energy

-- He's direct when he needs to be and has a knack for being just that, at the right time

Any recommendations I would have for people considering investing in coaching?

I feel like you are better off correcting your course early on in the voyage. That saves you a lot of work later on.

Coaching can do just that and Eric can help you work that out yourself.

Stephen Chandler
Business Coaching
Megan Kruschke

Terri is a truly inspiring individual. Seeing her growth in business and herself is so admiring to me.

Working alongside and for her has helped me grow in my own talents and mental well-being. Taking part in her Insights courses has helped me learn so much about myself, more than I could do alone.

Creating graphics and templates for Cornerstone Learning has helped me become more confident in my gifts of design, which I will be forever grateful for, as they pushed me to start my own business, which I never would have considered otherwise.

I can and will 100% recommend her as a coach.

Megan Kruschke, graphic designer for Cornerstone Learning and founder of 'Love, Meg'

Megan Kruschke
Insights Discovery Personality Types
Mike Oni

I am writing this testimonial to share my experience and valuable takeaways from a media expression course facilitated by Terri Kruschke.

The trainer's unique style, the gains I achieved from this course, and the impact it had on me during and after are key components that I would like to highlight.

The trainer's style was undoubtedly instrumental in making the course both engaging and informative. Her ability to strike a balance between theory and practice ensured that we not only gained theoretical knowledge but also had the opportunity to apply it in real-world scenarios. Her passion for the subject matter was evident throughout, and her enthusiasm was contagious, motivating us to give our best effort.

One of the significant gains I obtained from this course was a deeper understanding of media expression.

Through a combination of lectures, practical exercises, and constructive feedback, I gained a comprehensive understanding of various media aspects, storytelling techniques, and effective communication strategies. The course also helped me develop my critical thinking and analytical skills, enabling me to evaluate media messages critically and make informed judgements. Throughout the course, I felt supported and encouraged to explore my creative side. The trainer's open-mindedness and willingness to provide constructive feedback fostered a safe learning environment where I felt free to express myself. This not only boosted my confidence but also allowed me to develop my own unique style of media expression.

The impact of the course on me extended beyond the classroom. It sparked a renewed sense of motivation and inspiration. The knowledge and skills gained during the course have positively influenced my personal and professional life. I am now better equipped to communicate effectively through various media channels, whether it's writing compelling articles, creating engaging social media posts, interviews or delivering impactful presentations.

Moreover, the course has had a lasting effect on my mood and well-being. It provided a much-needed outlet for self-expression and creativity, which has been incredibly fulfilling. The sense of fulfilment and accomplishment that I gained from taking the course has boosted my confidence and overall positive outlook on life.

In summary, the media expression course was a game-changer for me. The trainer's unique style, the gains I achieved, and the impact it had on me during and after the course were all remarkable. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is seeking to expand their media skills and unlock their full potential.

Mike Oni
Media Expression
Siobhán Livingstone

When I first decided to partner with Terri on this coaching journey, I had no idea what to expect or what she would require of me. What I did know was that I had been out of the marketplace for well over 20 years and I was feeling this stirring to do something more with my life. However, I also had the thought of “what can you do?” Or “how could you possibly think you have anything to add to the business world?” It was also around the time that I was so close to competing my first book and I lost complete confidence in myself and the project.

After each of our meetings I left feeling excited, challenged and more than anything, I felt like I had someone in my corner who believed in all that I want to get done. Terri helped me see my strengths and how to work around my weaknesses. She shifted my focus away from my weakness holding me back and I began to believe that I wasn’t past my “sell by” date.

To be honest I wasn’t entirely sure on what to expect on this journey of coaching, I am so glad I took the plunge and signed up. Terri helped me see that I can do something more with my life and my dreams are achievable, yet she reminded me that the effort I put in is the return I will get.

I learned things about myself - sometimes the world around us can put out a fire we once had -working with Terri restored my ability to dream of life outside of being a full-time mom. To be honest I have been slow out of the starting blocks, but I am moving forward and that is thanks to Terri working with me.

If you are considering working with Terri, I would encourage you to do so. If you are needing some direction or you need to find your brave I would say go for it. After each meeting I left with a sense of “I can’t wait for our next session”. Working with Terri was easy and non-threatening - she made me feel comfortable to be honest and to dig deep into what makes me tick.

Siobhán Livingstone
Life & Business Coaching
Henrietta Craig

I did a QQI Level 3 media training course with Terri a few years back and I remember not having a clue of where to start or what to expect.

As soon as I began the course all my fears disappeared as the atmosphere was friendly,relaxing and engaging. Terri is an amazing facilitator, a great listener and her communication is outstanding. She was very helpful when we're stuck in a particular area. She tailored a  plan for us with due consideration for the different techniques unique to adult participants and walked us through it and we came out with great results by producing our own radio programme.

It is exciting to look back and see how much I have learnt and grown through her guidance, knowledge and experience acquired. I feel more confident and equipped as a person.

I would highly recommend her programme to anyone, she is amazing at what she does. It is a life-changing, challenging and gratifying experience.

Henrietta Craig
QQI Level 3 media training course
Madli Sanjoe

Working with Terri was an absolute joy! Her passion for what she does was infectious, and crafting her logo became a true collaboration. Her vision was crystal clear, and together, we brought it to life. What truly inspired me was Terri's dedication and innovative spirit. Her confidence in my work and the success of Cornerstone Learning inspired me to take the leap into starting my own business. I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with her and for the inspiration she ignited within me.

Madli Sanjoe
Bright Pixels (Graphic Design)
Cethan Leahy

I worked with Terri on the QQI Media Expression course and took her Personality types course and  I couldn’t recommend a trainer more highly. I found her teaching style to be clear and informative, collaborative while also being decisive and, in general, an engaging presence. I learnt a lot about my working style from her courses and how to best point it to my advantage.

Working with her was a pleasure, and participants in her course really got the full benefit of her attention, guiding them when needed but knowing when to step back and give them space. I noticed that she was able to switch between teaching styles to tailor to the individual participant and in general get the most out of her class room.

In summary, Terri’s classes are a professional and engaging experience that I would recommend to anyone.

Cethan Leahy
Insights Discovery Personality Types
Sarah Peters

I recently had the chance of going to Terri for a series of life coaching sessions, and I can confidently say that it was a transformative experience. As I approached the milestone of turning 30, I found myself grappling with numerous questions about the future, causing a mental whirlwind. Turning toTerri for guidance was a decision that exceeded my expectations.

Terri possesses a remarkable ability to listen attentively, coupled with a talent for challenging one's thinking about life and personal aspirations. Her keen observation skills allowed her to identify words and patterns in my self-talk that required deeper reflection. Throughout our sessions, Terri provided unwavering support, creating a safe space for exploration and growth.

After just four sessions, I emerged with a greater understanding of my own ideals and a clearer vision of what I aspire to pursue in the future. Terri's coaching proved to be a powerful catalyst for self-discovery and personal development. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone in need of motivation, encouragement, or guidance through the chaos of conflicting aspirations. Terri's coaching is an immense help in the journey towards self-realisation.

Sarah Peters
Life Coaching