The Power of Ideas
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The Power of Ideas


It was February 2021, in the heart of Covid.  I was restless, feeling a bit out of my depth with a new training contract, and wondering how I could upskill without needing to get a Level 9 degree!

After hearing about a course that Noel and Elizabeth Brosnan, a couple I highly respect in the training and coaching space (, were running, I asked Eric if he wanted to sign up to earn a Diploma in Life and Leadership coaching.

His first question was “why?”   An important and valid question when making any decision in life!

Looking back, neither of us fully understood the “why” behind our decision, but the six months we spent in virtual Zoom sessions, triad coaching practices, one-to-one sessions of being the coach AND the coachee, writing reflection journals, assessments and essays…were worth it.  We both received our QQI certifications AND our diplomas in November 2021.  A huge win!

Some of the learning that we received – and use – in our current coaching practice include the following:

  • The GROW Model of Coaching – which stands for GOAL, REALITY, OPTIONS and WAY FORWARD
  • Brilliant Coaching – a book by Julie Starr which gives great detail regarding how to use coaching principles in the workplace
  • Coaching for Performance – a book by Sir John Whitmore, where the GROW model of coaching originates
  • The Inner Game – A book by Timothy Gallwey which talks about focusing on the mental side of any activity, and not just the skills or knowledge involved
  • The Karpman Drama Triangle – A concept by Stephen Karpman which defines the roles we fall into in conflict (victim, persecutor, or rescuer) and how to move into what is called The Empowerment Dynamic (creator, challenger or coach)

What benefit has becoming business, leadership and life coaches brought to Eric and me in our professional and personal development?

  1. We listen much more actively than before – our young adult children certainly appreciate this!
  2. We focus on empowerment, not on giving advice.
  3. We realise that coaching is looking forward, not digging into the past (that’s what’s counselling/therapy is for!)
  4. We enjoy walking alongside, encouraging, and supporting others, to help them achieve their goals and dreams.

At Cornerstone Learning, we offer a range of coaching options and topics, and would love to chat with you to help you decide if coaching is the right space for you!

Contact us at to set up an appointment to learn more.


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